What We Love About Vintage Style

It never goes out of style. Retro is always current. Does that make sense? What we wear today will be old news tomorrow and then back in style the day after. 

You can find vintage style everywhere. People get a bad connotation when they think of “thrifting”. But thrift shops and second hand stores are not the only places to find vintage fashion.

  1. In your own closet. Dig all of the way to the back and find some pieces that you haven’t worn for a while. Try them on and pair then with some current trends.
  2.  Your mother’s closet. It should be a treasure box of vintage fashion. Most mom’s never throw their clothes away. 
  3. Vintage and consignment boutiques. Price points at these stores tend to be higher, but the quality of merchandise is also higher as well. You can find brand name labels when you hunt the right shop. 

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