School’s Out for Summer

Who says that you can’t go vintage for the summer?  Try a bold color to brighten up an already sunny day, or go with a spicy pattern while you sit poolside.  Whatever you choose, your #ootd is not complete unless you are wearing #vintagefashion   #shopvintage with 2 Queens Vintage
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Designer Spotlight- Halston

  Roy Halston Frowick, born in Iowa, was the son of a seamstress. Learning from his mother, he began altering hats and clothing for others. Soon, moving to Chicago, he worked as a window dresser. Opening a hat business, he soon became a hat maker to the stars in the 1950s, eventually designing the pillbox hat work by Jackie Kennedy to JFK’s presidential inauguration.      Halston was also known for designing uniforms for airline stewardesses and for his feminine silhouettes and lines in his designs.    Find #luxuryvintage Halston with 2 Queens Vintage.    Photos from,,,,
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Casual Vintage Style

There are several ways to do casual. Whether it is Saturday casual with a crop shirt and shorts. A vintage blouse paired with denim. This look could also be dressed up with a minimalist heel or a knee boot with or without a heel.  Or it’s a one piece monochromatic sexy romper that is paired with splashes of color through the accessories.  Do casual your way. Anything goes.  Shop the looks above at 2 Queens Vintage.  
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Feeling so very 80s

The 80s was an era filled with leg warmers, off the shoulder tops, big hair, and outfits with every color of the rainbow. It was a time of self expression and rebelliousness. A time to do you and be confident in that expression. That’s what 2 Queens Vintage is all about. Check out some of our favorite looks on the site and #shopvintage.  
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Spring [BREAK]Out

Spring. Break. Time to leave the confines of the dorm room. It is that time of year when the young folk pile up in their SUVs and head to the beach. Partying, drinking, dancing and repeat. Miami? California? Cancun? No matter what the destination is, you just can’t throw your gear and hot outfits into a duffle bag…unless it is Emilio Pucci. So yeah, grab a swim suit, your best bikini, monokini, lace coverup and your best wedges or sandals and pack them in some vintage goodness. When it comes to packing, don’t worry, we got you.   Ready to stand out and head to the beach in style? Stop by the shop and well…shop.  
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Oscars does vintage fashion

We watched the Oscars and loved a few looks in particular. There were some great looks that were vintage inspired. And there were a few looks that gave us a 2 Queens Vintage vibe! Rachel McAdams and Saoirse Ronan have plunging neck lines and backless gowns giving us a Studio 54 vibe.  Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface 1983   On the left 2 Queens Vintage white wedding dress. On the right, Rooney Mara in winter white by Givenchy.  #shopvintage with us online at the ASOS Marketplace or at 2 Queens Vintage. 
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It is so easy these days with all of our gadgets, phones, smart tvs, online personas and character limited status updates to feel so rushed and incomplete.   We go out to dinner with the girls and instead of catching up and laughing our asses off like we used to, everyone is tweeting pics of the food or tagging everyone on facebook. We put our arms around each other, smile at the camera and each of us has to like it, share it, tweet it, comment to it. How connected are we?   Sometimes you just have to slow down.  Put the phone down. Turn the ringer off. Unplug the tv. Get off of skype.   Sometimes you just have to disconnect.   Take a deep breath amidst the silence and relish in the moment that is, now.  
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Behind the Scenes- 2 Queens Photoshoot

We love our customers! We wanted to share a bit of what happens behind the scenes when we do our photoshoots. We have to say how fortunate we are that we do what we love everyday. Check out some of the shots from behind the scenes from our last photoshoot for the website.
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Designer Spotlight- Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci was an Italian designer who is known for geometric prints and shapes in his designs. Starting out designing ski wear, he eventually began haute couture designs when he returned home from WWII. He was thrust into the limelight when Marilyn Monroe began to wear his designs and he was soon designing for Jacqueline Kennedy and Sophia Loren. We have this gorgeous Emilio Pucci design available at 2 Queens Vintage. Click to shop now!                  
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